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Shahar Saka Coin Media

August 21, 2013Commercial, Promotional

Client: Shahar Saka Coin Media
Production House: crouchingpixel

Africa Israel Media Sport

August 21, 2013Promotional

Client: Media Sport
Production House: crouchingpixel

LG baby prank

Client: TBWA yehoshua
Production House: crouchingpixel

We have been asked by TBWA to create a 3d baby in a womb with several animations , which then been used by a VJ to make a prank on parents that came to a scan.
We had 7 days to complete the project .

YOUTUBE link to the prank

here is a link to TV spot on צינור לילה about the project – jump to minute 4:44
nana10 link

Alma Laser

August 20, 2012Commercial, Promotional

Client: Alma Laser
Production House: White Rabbit

On this promotional video we’ve done only the demo 3d part including modeling, animation and compositing.

Coca Cola Penguin Pack

Client: Coca Cola Israel

In this project we were asked to produce an instructional short video providing instructions for the new coca cola packing of a penguin.


January 1, 2012Promotional, Visual Effects

The project was to illustrate the way the Polyheal medicine works in a wound, And to get a closer look on the microscopical particles that are involved in the procedure.
It took about a month work, and was made as a stereoscopic video.

client: JCS-ID

Art Direction: Liron Damir

Composting : Alon Alpert



3D printing concept for Israel Museum

December 18, 2011Promotional

Client: Israel Museum Jerusalem

The clip was made by Liron Damir and our Dror Revach for Israel Museum in Jerusalem.
The exhibition was about 3d printing


December 18, 2011Promotional

Client: Stephen Schuster

We where asked to design,build and animate a steam-punk sugar machine for this video
here you can see some tests and progress.


December 5, 2011Character, Promotional

Client: TraderWind via Sunday Crowd.
CGI by crouching pixel

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