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LG baby prank

Client: TBWA yehoshua
Production House: crouchingpixel

We have been asked by TBWA to create a 3d baby in a womb with several animations , which then been used by a VJ to make a prank on parents that came to a scan.
We had 7 days to complete the project .

YOUTUBE link to the prank

here is a link to TV spot on צינור לילה about the project – jump to minute 4:44
nana10 link

The Looney Tunes Show

July 11, 2012Character, Commercial

Our team had the privilege to work on Warner Brothers/Cartoon Network renewed verion of roadrunner.
We have worked on various roles, from CG supervising, to lighting, rendering, set dressing, rigging, modeling and overall pipeline development as part of CREW972.
Part of our staff was also responsible for the initial pilot that convinced WB to giving the show to CREW 972.
It was a great job and a hell of a time and we think the outcome speaks volumes of how much time and love we’ve invested.
Take a look at some episodes available online.

Client: Crew972


December 5, 2011Character, Promotional

Client: TraderWind via Sunday Crowd.
CGI by crouching pixel

Eli Buenos Iscar

Client: Eli Buenos Iscar

Project description: 3d inserts for a Promotional movie for Iscar

Mobilesolid – animations

December 18, 2010Character, Promotional

These 10 character animations were made for a start-up company in the cellular industry.
The idea was that each user could have a theme animation of his own.

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